Saturday, 1 March 2008

Instructions for making a blog can be found here!

This site will give you a step by step guide to making a blog as well as a host of other links ...

Critical Perspectives

Students will find blogging an effective way of noting all the material they will need for Section A of the Critical Perspectives exam, G 325

Blog in progress

This is a test blog that two of my AS students are doing to see how it may work in practice (bear in mind they are doing this on top of a standard timetable, trialling this at the same time as doing their own Film, Media, English and Animation coursework!)

Other colleagues have been using Wordpress

Other ideas

Here are other digital methods students can try for presenting the planning and evaluation


The advantages of a blog format is that students can keep regular notes of their progress whilst linking comments to all their planning, research and production materials.

They can ...

Include their original brief and discuss how they think they will respond.

Upload links to research videos, films, adverts etc on You Tube.

Include their audience research

Post their treatment

Upload their storyboards

Include their location shots

Include their risk assessments

Upload their animatics - and then comment on how their animatic and risk assessments led them to revise their original plans!

Include screen shots from their final video and comment on these as part of their evaluation

Upload their final video with a commentary covering the key questions (possibly at low resolution, however)

You can...

Comment on their work as they go along, keeping an eye on progress and asking questions of them - they can also receive peer comments on their work.